Online marketing doesn’t work — so why are you here? - 10:00am Harrison Ford Theater

Small businesses look at marketing as a sewer: it’s completely necessary to civilized life and yet many of us avoid working in it at all costs. In this talk, we will demonstrate exactly how online marketing brought you right here to the Denver Biz Tech Expo — and how small business owners can take advantage of the exact same tools and techniques to drive marketing profitably… And painlessly (more)


Data Masking – How does it fit into my information security plans? - 10:45am Harrison Ford Theater

Sensitive personal information (credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, etc.) and non-personal data (corporate financial information, intellectual property, etc.) are often exposed by employees, contractors, and outsiders. Data Masking is a unique and powerful solution that can significantly limit that risk while saving time and infrastructure costs through streamlined operations.(more)

HP Converged Systems – Simplifying IT

HP ConvergedSystem is a portfolio of complete, engineered systems optimized for virtualization, cloud, and Big Data. The portfolio delivers a total systems experience that simplifies IT through quick deployment, intuitive management, and system-level support, all built from best-in-class components.(more)


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