It’s Time for Security Reboot – Don’t be the Next #Target - 10:30am Main Stage

Security threats have never been more numerous or costly, and the push towards cloud and outsourced IT only increases the number of attack surfaces. While companies are spending more on IT security than ever before, and they’re not necessarily more secure.

In this session we’ll examine the risks and the root causes—challenging you to think about IT security in a different light. We’ll also present a new model for marrying technology, expertise and service delivery so you can secure the assets most important to your business and reduce infrastructure costs.(more)


The Five Myths of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery - 11:30am Main Stage

A recent study by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council highlighted a disturbing fact: three out of four companies
worldwide are failing in terms of disaster readiness. The impact IT interruptions have range from thousands of dollars to
millions of dollars.(more)


The Gigabit Economy - 1:30pm Main Stage

Cloud technology, combined with high speed fiber optic networking, are enabling established businesses to evolve their business models and to find new markets and new customers. This technology-enabled transformation is also driving the creation of innovative new business models. CenturyLink calls it “The Gigabit Economy,” and it’s a transformative, fast-moving time where every business needs to harness technology in new ways to remain relevant. Ian Dix will share thought leadership about how consumers and businesses are innovating to improve lives, increase profitability, and stay ahead of the information curve in the Gigabit Economy. (more)

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