The Five Myths of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

A recent study by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council highlighted a disturbing fact: three out of four companies
worldwide are failing in terms of disaster readiness. The impact IT interruptions have range from thousands of dollars to
millions of dollars.

No wonder the “cloud” is having such an attraction and why businesses are rethinking their recovery strategies.
However, what is preventing companies from fully adopting cloud solutions for disaster recovery? We believe that there
are five myths surrounding cloud-based recovery services that have to be dispelled.

  1. Cloud Solutions Are for Disaster Scenarios
  2. Cloud Storage and Cloud Disaster Recovery Are Similar
  3. Cloud Solutions Are Not Secure
  4. You Can Do It Yourself
  5. All Cloud Providers Are the Same

Not all cloud providers are created equal. Do your research and decide on what is important to you, then find a provider
that meets your needs.

These are the top five myths — it’s now in your hands to make the decision that’s best for your company and needs. No
matter what you choose, the least you can do is do something to protect you and your business.

Presenter: Mark Swendsen - VP of Sales

MarkSwendsenMark Swendsen brings to Axcient over 15 years of experience and a proven record of accelerating revenue growth domestically and internationally. As VP of Sales, Mark leads Axcient’s channel sales strategy and partner programs, working closely with resellers and service providers to increase market reach. Prior to Axcient, Mark was ShoreTel’s Vice President of Sales for Service Providers, and grew the company’s managed service quarterly business earnings by 400% in three years, playing a key role in the company’s successful IPO. Before then, he served as ShoreTel’s Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for more than two years, launching six distributors and 81 VARs, along with growing ShoreTel’s quarterly EMEA revenue by 800% in less than three years. Mark also served as ShoreTel’s West Regional Director and Area Sales Manager. Before joining ShoreTel, Mark was President of Ketchum Integration, a voice data integration solution provider that became ShoreTel’s first value-added reseller. Mark holds a BA in English from Santa Clara University and a master’s degree in education from National University.


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