Latisys Vendor Showcase

HYBRID—The next big thing in Data Center, Hosting & Cloud Convergence


Aaron Shelley,
Director, Solutions Engineering East at Latisys

John Harper,
Chief Technology Officer / Chief Operating Officer at Allenport

Accelerating technology evolution has introduced new solutions, platforms and business models. Through these advancements, organizations are able to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, scale and speed to market. With so much focus on – and hype around – the cloud, many IT leaders feel intense pressure to develop a “cloud strategy”.

And while some companies are achieving great savings with the cloud, many others are still on the fence. Predictable workloads, workloads that are dependent on throughput and performance, and workloads that require advanced security and compliance still don’t fit “in the cloud.” Yet for test and dev, seasonal/burstable workloads and for Disaster Recovery, cloud can make a huge difference.

And while we’re still in the first inning of cloud, it is already making a huge impact—by driving more and more companies towards hybrid infrastructure deployments. CIOs are examining their workloads and opting for a hybrid mix of cloud, hosting and data center services—with workloads spread across a variety of delivery platforms but managed as a converged, federated IT infrastructure.

But hybrid IT requires precise planning and an in-depth understanding of performance, compliance and security requirements as well as a clear-eyed assessment of on-staff technical capabilities—not to mention complete confidence in an outsourcing partner that is just that—a consultative collaborator committed to your best interests.

In this session we'll define exactly what the cloud is—and what it isn’t. Then we’ll unpack the way today’s CIOs and CTOs are approaching cloud today—by allocating workloads, applications and data across a diverse infrastructure solution—using every tool in their arsenal in an effort to maximize legacy assets, optimize limited IT budgets and leverage technology become business more effective and responsive.

Aaron Shelley is a quick-witted problem solver who excels at aligning business needs with practical technical solutions. Aaron’s strong communication skills allow him to convey technical information to the masses. His technical expertise spans a range of specialties including: Integrated Circuit Design, Data Center Architecture, Data Retention and Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Virtualization, and Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture. Aaron graduated from Yale University with a BS in Economics and a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and has put his unique skill set to use for a variety of IT engineering roles before joining Latisys, including Terenine and Acxiom.

John Harper delivers more than 18 years of leadership and management experience inside leading technology companies. This includes serving as SVP operations for Interland, chief technology officer for Verado Holdings, as vice president of engineering for Exodus, and as chief technology officer for Genuity.

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