• I would like to be considered for the Technology Scholarship presented by the Denver Biz Tech Expo. Permission has been given by my high school to release transcripts of my academic record and other requested information for consideration for the scholarship. I confirm that I have read through the criteria and meet the requirements.

    This application is my own work or formally cited from other sources. I affirm that the information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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  • I certify that all of the information in this application is accurate and complete. I understand that if I am selected for this award, I may be asked to provide proof of the information stated on this form. I understand that if this information is not provided, or if the information is different than presented in this application, the award may be rescinded. If the I am selected to receive this award, I agree that my name, award amount, and information provided about future plans may be used in announcements or articles (ex. graduation, newspaper) issued by the Denver Biz Tech Expo, and/or my school. I understand that I may be asked to submit a transcript after the 2014-2015 academic year is completed. In addition, by signing this form, I hereby authorize the college/university I will be attending in the fall of 2015 to release enrollment and transcript information to the Denver Biz Tech Expo for confirmation.

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