Sherri Hammons

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Sherri Hammons

Chief Technology Officer

WIT Panel Member

Sherri Hammons is one of the most accomplished women in Colorado’s technology field, highlighted by her recent role leading Colorado’s Office of Information Technology (OIT), her earlier roles as a senior executive at PaySimple and Abacus, and her current role as CTO of IQNavigator. She has been a true innovator and a respected leader in each phase of her career.

Hammons’ reputation as an effective technology officer originated with her work at Abacus and then as CTO of Colorado-based PaySimple. This led to the opportunity to be CTO for the entire State of Colorado when she joined the Hickenlooper administration to lead the Office of Information Technology. Hammons tackled this new role with the same sharp strategic vision, commitment to innovation and effective leadership that made her so successful in prior roles. She led a number of major, awarded initiatives for the state, and is widely respected for the work she did to position the state for technology competitiveness.

Hammons recently returned to the private sector, joining IQNavigator as CTO. IQNavigator develops enterprise software to manage contingent workers such as contractors, freelancers and temps.