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1:00 PM - Main Stage



Are Generational Differences affecting your Technology Decisions? You Should Be! 

Boomers, Xers and Millenials!  Each generation brings a unique perspective to the table, especially when it comes to business technology.  If you are not prepared or speaking to their needs, you are not heard.  What does it take?  What do they need?  How do you adapt?  During this engaging session we will focus on effective communication strategies to foster company-wide success across the generations!

Eide Bailly

Grace Eggleston
Business Development
Senior Associate

To quote Daniel Pink in ‘To Sell Is Human,’ Grace is a “problem-finder” constantly on the hunt for new challenges to tackle. Her day tends to involve connecting the Eide Bailly team of technology consulting geniuses with business decision makers looking to solve a variety of issues; from data visibility & accuracy to balancing the delicate dynamic of their people, processes and technology to coming up with strategies to beat out their competition! Some days she can be found “in the field” at industry events collaborating with alliance partners to enhance the experience that the Eide Bailly customers deserve. Other days, she is lost deep inside the interweb attempting to understand the perfect strategy for sharing the team’s expertise with those who could benefit most from Eide Bailly’s offerings.

Eide Bailly

Jason S. McKeever
Director of Training
and Development

Jason is a natural teacher and presenter. His contagious, high-energy style captivates people’s interests, even for programs some might consider mundane.  As Eide Bailly’s director of training and development, Jason’s goal is to find innovative, creative ways to grow the competency of the Firm. With this objective, he has developed a blend of traditional and cutting-edge training initiatives and programs for the classroom, online and self study settings. He has also implemented training webcasts as a primary means of connecting staff members across the Firm.